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about Insa Winkler
about Insa Winkler
Insa Winkler develops projects as a visual artist, landscape and open space planner, BDLA (Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekten) and cultural and environmental scientist (M.Sc. Architecture and Environment and Doctorate).

The studio art and landscape offers:

  • Services in the field of landscape planning (open spaces)
  • Gardens and Art
  • Conception, budget planning and implementation of collective artistic interventions and participative workshops in the context of environmental mediation and environmental education (agricultural space, nature and landscape conservation areas, crisis areas, flight and displacement, water issues)


In her recently completed dissertation at the Graduate School of Leuphana University Lüneburg/ Institute for Sociology and Cultural Organization "ISKO" (2019), Insa Winkler examines transdisciplinary and artistic Social Landart practice and its sustainable impact as practice.

She integrates Ecological Overall Concepts (Master of Science, Architecture and Environment, Hochschule Wismar 2009), Participation in Planning Processes, Conversion, Environmental Education, Environmental Mediation, Environmental Management into her work practice. She deals with practices and public environmental institutions on topics such as water purification by effective microorganisms, plant dyes, willow weaving, paper scooping.

In her artistic career (Diploma in Fine Arts, Muthesius University (1988) she focuses on art and vegetation, metal and stone sculpture and plant objects. She has developed multimedia projects and installations in which she uses film, performance, sculpture and drawing. With her art she has already worked in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic, the USA, Russia, Belarus, South Caucasus, Kyrgyzstan, China, South Korea.

awards and scholarships

In 2002 Insa Winkler was awarded the Art and Culture Prize of the State of Oldenburg for her oeuvre, in 1992 she received a working scholarship from the State of Lower Saxony and in 1990 a travel scholarship from the State of Schleswig-Holstein for the USA (Pittsburgh), in 1984 a scholarship from the Deutsch Französischen Jugendwerk, Toulon. In 1986 she was awarded the Prize of the Federal Minister of Science and Education, Bonn, for her artistic work.

Environment Art Projects (Social Landart)

The conception and implementation of environmental art projects (Social Landart) takes place in Insa Winkler's high priority:

2015 - 2019 Climate and Social Landart in the (bio)diversity corridor in the district of Oldenburg Project management: artecology_network (e.g. promotion of the Oldenburg landscape, Bingo Umweltstiftung, district of Oldenburg), own project "from oak to oak" (publication).

2010 "Water, art and cool heads", LGS Bad Essen (DBU, Bingo Umweltstiftung), LGS Bad Essen, Schloss Ippenburg (publication).

2003 -07 "Das Eichelschwein" - Project in cooperation with the Und-Institut für Kunst, Kultur und Zukunftsfähigkeit, Stadt u. Landwirtschaftsschule Großenhain, Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt.

2004 "Artists meet farmers", LandTageNord - Agrarmesse, farmers in Ostfriesland, Emsland and Holle-Wüsting (Stiftung Öffentliche Versicherung).

2002 International Conference "Art and Agricultural Culture", Landkreis Oldenburg, Umweltschutz Nord GmbH, Ganderkesee (K-Nord) (Publication). 1996-98 Intervention in the Chernobyl zone, Belarus, Gomel region and Minsk (publication).

1992 -93 International symposium "More Moor" in Witte- Moor, district of Oldenburg, district of Wesermarsch (publication).


- Teaching Transdisciplinary Artistic Practice, Leuphana College (2017/2018)
- - Transdisciplinary case study on the perception and strategies of ((bio)diversity in the project "Leverage Points for Sustainability, Transformation" in the rural district of Oldenburg (2016-2019)
- 2012 Leuphana University of Lüneburg Conference "Science Bears Responsibility" : Workshop "Talking Umbrellas
- 2011 University of Incheon, South Korea: Talking Umbrellas Workshop
- 2010 Alanus University of the Arts and Society, Bonn: Workshop "Flower of Sustainability
- 2011 ASSIST Summer School for Art and Science for Sustainability in Social Transformation, Gabrovo, Bulgaria: "Worldwide Heritage Walk"
- 2008 Food, Clothing, Housing Transport, Asia-Europe Dialogue on Arts, Culture & Climate Change, Asia-Europe Foundation, with Oleg Koefoed, Beijing, CN: Seminar "Bejing Flower of Sustainability"
- 2004 "Land Art Days", Fachhochschule Ottersberg: Workshop " Social Landart"
- 2003 Summer Academy, Goethe Institute Perm, Russia: Workshop:"Recycling Art"
- 1992 Guest Lectureship, Chatham College, Pittsburgh, USA: Conception, organisation and realisation of a metal sculpture class


  • founding member ICEC Wünsdorf e.V., Berlin, 2018. Member of the BDLA Association of German Landscape Architects Lower Saxony, since 2011
  • founding member artecology_network e.V., Hude, 2010
  • founding member Social Landart Project e.V. Hude/Oldenburg, 1999 - 2007
  • Member of the BBK Schleswig-Holstein since 1992
  • founding member of the Produzentengalerie Prima Kunst e.V., Kiel 1984 - 1993t

Projects/participation in exhibitions/presentations (selection)

- 2019 "Natur Schöpfen", Participative exhibition on paper scoops, plant colours and willow objects, Horst-Janssen-Museum Oldenburg, with the studios: "Sevengardens", "Papieroffizin" and "Natur-Arte" (Publication)
- 2014 "Amazonas-Rhine", double exhibition at the Federal Environment Agency Dessau: Development of an oversized map (watercolour 21m) of the Rhine, which can be supplemented by the employees of the Federal Environment Agency with memories of certain locations.
- 2012 "3x3 Artistic Management Consulting" for the Bremer Sparkasse for a sustainable and citizen-friendly real estate consulting function.
- 2013 "Sustainable City-Flower", Space SSEE, Arts Council of S. Korea:Presentation of Landscape Photographs of the German Energy Landscape
- 2012 "Peace Monuments", International Symposium, Arboga, Sweden, Transformation of a military aircraft into a walk-in tower as a biotope for insects and birds (Publication)
- 2011 "Imperishable Water and the Question of Development", Rhodes, Greece, Conference and excursions with environmental scientists and artists on water supply, water ecology and sustainable landscape development on the island of Rhodes (Publication)
- 2011 "Conversion further thought", Flandernbunker, Kiel Retroperspektive der Flower of Sustainability Ergebnisse aus Süd Korea, China, Kyrgyzstan und Deutschland, Workshops with pupils and installation of a 5 x 5 m dimensioned flower on the outer facade, which can be used by passers-by as a board for thoughts.
- 2009-2011 Global Environmental Gender Alliance & Artport_making Waves: "(Re-)Cycles of Paradies, Participation in the World Climate Summit COP 15, Copenhagen and Exhibition COP 16 Mexico City: Installation of an object made of Effective Microorganisms for Water Filtering.
- 2008 KlimaWasserWerke, formerly Wasserwerk Wilhelmsburg: Installation of an installation with a natural water filter and sample counter for Hamburg drinking water with technology of Effective Microorganisms, in the context of the IGA Hambug.
- "A dialogue between Climate Science and the Arts", British Council, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, German Federal Cultural Foundation
- 2007 "Nomadic Knowledge and Art Strategies", Bishkek, Kyrgisistan, expedition and intervention with normads in the Sonköl high steppe who were asked about their understanding of nature, as well as people in Bishkek. (Supported by IFA)
- "The Language of Life and Peace", Yian Gallery, Daejeon, S. KOR and others Installation with the theme O2 and CO2 as a combination of objects from silhouettes of well-known car brands and tree leaves, as well as objects made of recycled paper. ¬
- 2006 "Ecotopia", Contemporary Art and Nature in South Caucasus, Goethe Institut Tibilissi and KfW Bank Berlin: Investigation of "archaic" agriculture and the relationship between nature - culture - religion in Georgia (Tuchetia), Asaibadschan and Armenia, implementation in an installation "Wish Tree Bed ¬¬
- "The Art of Thinking Tomorrow", Sustainability Council, Berlin
- "New Frontiers of Art and Sustainability" - Conference of the European Sociological Association( ESA), 2006
- 2004 "International Geumgang Nature Art Biennale", S. Korea, Landart installation from the alphabet Hangul as planted cushions and installation on the river in a university campus in Gongju.
- 2003 International symposium "Cultura 21",Großenhain/Saxony: Artistic interventions dealing with demographic change and the quality of life in the agricultural area, e.g. excursion to farms for mass livestock farming of chickens, cows and pigs.


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