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SDG roots program The SDG roots type programme - "17 Roots for Sustainability" is currently in preparation. In special actions and workshops with seventeen roots as templates and with one of seventeen partner institutions each, "sustainability ideas" will be transformed into shareable sustainable strategies. The templates of the roots represent the seventeen goals of sustainability, agreed upon in the Paris Agreement. The aim of this programme is to shape the general and currently unattainable goals of the UN in such a way, that each individual can use them for their own sustainable life paths. To this end, we have prepared a programme to support your company or even your own personal goals.

This programme is founded on the fact that art and artistic practice and the associated competence of art make it possible to show one's own insights and active, even feasible solutions through pictorial and performative action. But beyond that we will support your concept, your project so far and advise you until the concrete implementation.

In the implementation format, each such small idea and action is linked to one of the 17 goals of the UN's sustainability agenda, as well as to the relationships between these goals. Each root stands for a goal, but also for a personal plan that the participants can develop individually.

In addition, the participants will receive their own workbook, which they can expand during the workshop. What is special about this program and method format is: the preparation of a personal master plan for the personal development of each individual sustainable future landscape. For this purpose, performative and joint actions are carried out, as well as individual practices and plans are prepared.

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