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SDG Roots

Moving For[r]est
Insa Winkler has been working with the root motif for forty years. Roots are organs that are particularly essential in vegetation, but human nerves also have roots. Therefore roots are a possibility to stimulate analogous thinking between humans and nature.

With the motif of the root, thought and communication processes can be initiated, because each root generates special substances and thus also reflections.

On this philosophical basis, the practical format "Rooting- Unrooting" (see also Sustainability Art Program) can be used to jointly develop and sound out content, topics, communication and methods. Future strategies can be linked as individual life plans. Individual insights of the participants can grow into a field and a forest in a playful way and enable communication and knowledge exchange.

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Transdisciplinary Artistic Practice - Seminar, Leuphana University Lüneburg, 2018
Download: The attempt of a theoretical foundation of the project "Moving Forest". in the context of transdisciplinarity in artistic practice (project)/Leuphana University of Lüneburg, winter semester 2017/2018, seminar paper in the module Praxisorientiere Zugangs zu inter- und transdisziplinären Wissenschaften von Katharina Ule

The motif of the root became an artistic concept for the theme of flight and expulsion. On the occasion of a competition on flight and expulsion with roots in World War II, Insa Winkler referred in her design (winner 2010) to the text by Agamben [Agamben, Giorgio (2008), Beyond Human Right], The problem of the Refugee Convention with regard to the distinction between citizens, semi-citizens and non-citizens is addressed. In 2010 the draft already drew attention to the global challenge of flight and expulsion through a circle.

In their "monument" roots symbolically become flame, organ - root - crown and interpret organ as "first aid", flame as "coping with trauma", root as "asylum" and crown as "migration". At that time, the monument was advertised for those returning from the East. It has divided society in Oldenburg - like the theme still is. The press fired this controversy. Today, the monument stands for in China and historically refers regionally to flight and expulsion. The monument is thus independent of location and was described as an ongoing mechanism of flight and expulsion and migration with "root-derooting" and as an ephemeral work of art working with these motifs now becomes "Moving For[r]est".

In the concern of peace the work with the motive of the "moving forest" - as play on words "moving to stay" - can work on strength, flow, heart and growth and as landscape process many topics, which lead back finally to the original motive.

This basically includes all topics of the 17 SDG's (sustainability goals of the UNO), which each provide reasons for flight and expulsion.

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