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The survival conditions for the species diversity of flora and fauna is highly restricted by industrial agriculture. A very important feature is included: the massive death of bees in recent years. The lack of pollen has a significant impact on biodiversity.

The population of the rural landscape plays an active part of the responsibility for the conservation of biological diversity. The people of the "land of asylum for insects and birds and small rodents," they should be the area of biological diversity. Affected animals breeds need to be protected by the provision of cultural landscape and the creation of corridors. The nature reserves are not sufficient.

The conservation of biological diversity must be with the support and biodiversity be increased in any garden. And this could happen in connection with the users of the remaining traditional farms.

The establishment of a biodiversity route could easily occur. Every citizen can contribute to biodiversity, or even in a forum. The observation of "the existence of flora and fauna" will be a cultural challenge and the creation of new forms of human communities.

Each year the "balance of flora and fauna" can be considered and the result will be attributed as cultural "landscape lobby of biodiversity" . So the people to speak, from generation to generation, will come to the knowledge of the relationship between nature and humans to make this more tangible. Citizens may get attention by adding a logo and identification mark on their land, a track as part of biodiversity .


For the first stage:

Biodiversity - Route questionaire:

I would like to participate, because:

  • I have a piece of land or gardens, and wishes to participate in the Biodiversity route.
  • I have no country, but I would like to actively participate in a piece of land.
  • I have no country, but would the street where I live when the track support.
  • I will encourage my neighbours on my street on biodiversity.
  • I want to support the logistics (regional, national, federal, global).
  • I have ideas for strategic implementation of this measure.
  • I have the following concerns about this measure.
  • I would like to attend an information session.
  • I would like to receive information on the state of things.
  • Here is a link to another project that would fit into this context.