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From the environmental footprint to the sustainable print - rrom slow City to Shared Space

The simile of the ecosystem to the human system can be clarified as a picture puzzle; if mankind’s sustainability would be depicted like the complexity of the analogical ecosystem. With regards to the evolution of the biodiversity of flowers, the culture is historically various, but existing equally, side by side as the evolution of nature.

This symbolic composition calling us to use blossoms as deposits of different cultural planning of sustainability, for urban space and daily, individual needs of each. The four superior aspects of Sustainability, ecological, social, economical and cultural, can be lived to see in any imaginable possibility of life. Cultural but sustain diversity in each aspect of life like biodiversity, sustainable creativity in the sense of Joseph Beuys „everybody is an artists“.

In the age of reaping Climate Change it applies to each human, just like the biodiversity of flowers, creating our sustain and future orientated profile to stop our helpless willy-nilly. Using and understanding the method of “The flowers of Sustainability” makes a playable experience and contribution. Flowers becoming a personal plan, even a plan of important issues.

In the menue the acual strategies are listed and linked to the network of existing guidelines, conceptions for landuse and sustainable developement.


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Guidelines, Citeria and Networks
for our "futurelandscape"

Abbild. 1: Climate Change (the growing environmental footprint)
Abbild. 2: the bioclimate cosmos (earth)
Abbild. 3: Sustainable Foodprint
Abbild. 4: Culture Change

Analogy of Human and Nature

Comparing the ecosystem and its facilitation of important bio climatic life functions, cause of the unique position of the earth in our sun system, with the action system of humans, it becomes obvious, that the destruction of the natural functions of our ecosystems are analogical to our destruction of the action system of human, on which culture relies.

This systematic comparison of the ecosystem earth with the action system of human is building a basis on a metaphorical layer for sustainable thinking and acting. The lack of knowledge or even better the unconsciousness of cultural life forms, which have been keeping for a long period of time analogical to our ecosystem, has come out of equilibrium. Economical, ecological and social rights (human rights) without the appropriated value added rule remain insufficient. Just like a maladjusted photosynthesis is the result of humans changing the water and nutrient cycles and weakening the atmosphere, advanced processes made by humans make culture sick. Starting from this direct simile, mankind stands face to face to the task, specially represented by science and art, to give rise to a human system, which may realize a culture fulfilling the complexity of our ecosystem and repairing it.

Insa Winkler

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