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"The picture is about the error of the ideal energy landscape.
Germany is nominated as the most advanced county in terms of sustainability and eco business.
The Ideal City that will be served with bio gas from the monoculture of the countryside.

This increasing development has become a big problem in the EU. Maizefields supplant natural herbs and influence bees diseases.
But also landscape become more and more monocultural.
Very old majestical oak trees, characteristic landmarks are extra treated and finally die.
There is no respect of this vegetation in respect to profit.
This trees have also become disturbing for the outlying areas of cities:
People who like to live in the so called green, they also hate this trees because of the leaves to be handled in autumn.
And because of the trend of solar panel on the roof. It is not well studied jet the capacity of these trees to produce O2.
Is the discussion about climate change and new energy models a racket?

The picture with the title "can you hear me?" showing this landscape in the contrast of fast living vegetation and a more than hundred year old tee just dying.

The picture has gathered some painting: The main herbs, which normally would grow beside this fields and which would serve the bees and which would be also perfect herbs to eat for men. This picture opening view for potentials of biodiversity. and of the relation of human and natural resources.

In the opposite to South Korea where people include a lot of wild herbs in the citchen, Germany/Europe calling those herbs the "Unherbs".
Eventhough this theme is not directly related to city it is showing the contrast or even upside down of city and urban fringe.

For example in Berlin people become agents of the bees. Over 750 apiculturists exist. But the agricultural area in general has become an industrial vegetation zone.
This is also influencing the behavior of the inhabitants of the country side.

My picture is therefore an appeal to the necessity of engaged and individual relation between the people of the country side and the people of the towns.

The related project to this picture is the biodiversity - route. www.
Here any engagement of urbanist and ecologists towards biodiversity can become an important contribution.
The picture therefore can be combined with an open call of participation with any action on this relationship regarding the protection of biodiversity.